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Comedy Kids™ will send you joke cards and two shirts for your event.
We will also help you promote your event and give you tips for getting the word out.

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Pick a charitable cause that is important to you. Need inspiration? Here are some organizations we really like.

*Comedy Kids™ is not a 501(c)(3). You need to choose a verified 501(c)(3) that will receive all funds raised through your Comedy Kids™ event.

Pick a date and a place.

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Moms and Dads, listen up!

It’s never too early to start kids on a philanthropic path. Philanthropy feels like such a big word and one you probably associate with having the new wing of a museum named after you in return for a sizeable donation. But what it means to Comedy Kids™ is engaging in small acts of kindness that better the lives of others, and in return, yourself. 

It starts with a fun and doable community activity like telling jokes, where the focus isn’t on big sums of money, but generating positive feelings. Organizing and executing a Comedy Kids™ event helps kids gain more empathy and tolerance, become poised public speakers, challenges their entrepreneurial and organizational skills, and learn about worlds beyond their own experience.

Max and Alex truly saw they could be change makers and it boosted their self-confidence by leaps and bounds. Doing good deeds makes everyone feel awesome!